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Introducing ListSync

A list synchronization manager utilizing the DreamHost API.

ListSync is a utility designed to keep your DreamHost announcement mailing lists synchronized with a database of clients. The utility works by performing a database querying based on the parameters you provide, and comparing the generated list to the current list of subscribers. If there are subscribers that are not in the database, they are removed; if there are emails in the database that are not current subscribers, they are added.


ListSync is designed to run in Linux and other Unix-like environments. It could be made to run under Windows with minimal modifications (removing the daemon feature).

Perl Module Dependencies

These modules are all very standard and should be installed as part of a basic Perl installation. You will furthermore need a database-specific DBD module and driver pair for your database server of choice, which should be installed as part of your database package.



Please email with any questions, comments, feature requests, or other feedback.